Preparing accounts

Preparing your accounts for income tax purposes – the cash basis.

Tax legislation now allows some small businesses to compute taxable profits for the purposes of     income tax on a cash basis rather than the usual accruals basis. The cash basis can first apply for the […]


IR35 Regulations

Are you Safe from the IR35 Regulations From 6 April 2013 it should be noted that these regulations have been extended to automatically   include circumstances where the service provider is appointed as an officer […]

Business Milage

Business Mileage

Reimbursement of Business Mileage (Company Car Users) HM Revenue & Customs now change, on a quarterly basis, the rates at which business mileage     allowances may be paid for cars provided by an employer, […]


Generate Sign-Ups to Email Marketing

You spend hours each month writing and editing content for your e-newsletter, before sending it out to your list of 50 contacts. Although your e-newsletter may be of a high quality, sending it to 50 contacts […]